Friday, August 26, 2016

Last day in Mozam together

For our last day in Mozam together we ventured back to Barra, at the north end of our peninsular and parked the car at Mad Mozzies, another cool beach vibe bar. We stayed for a few drinks and swim in the sea and returned again a bit later after walking to the lighthouse at the point.

Wide open sandy beach at Barra

Interesting sand patterns. The beach had a bit of a hollow and at high tide a little lake formed on the beach

Mad Mozzies for great cocktails. The Prego roll we had a bit later was disappointing though

Nice little pool around at Mad Mozzies
Mad Mozzies Bar

We walked to the lighthouse

The crew at Barra Lighthouse

We tried a difference route back along the sandy road but soon found ourselves being diverted away from the sea and had to cut through a village to get back to sea and mad Mozzies

The local village on the way back to the beach

Local village
Back at Mad Mozzies for some more Tipotinto Rum and Raspberry and a bite to eat

Kate picked some fabric and the guy made this gorgeous dress for her for R80

Little shops in the local village

We bought these wood carvings at the local market - mine features two giraffe heads kissing and Kate's has an elephant head and the one end of the polished log

The best dinner of the vacation, apart from our own seafood feast, was at Sombras Bar that night, an unassuming little bar in the village at Tofo. The half chicken and chips cost 260Met / R52 - was best taste and value

All satisfied after a good meal out and not expensive either.

In the early hours of the morning this dog sneaked in to sleep on the couch and I covered him up so he could also be snug and warm when I found him sleeping there

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