Saturday, August 27, 2016

Journey home

The kids came by car from Johannesburg so they were first off at 6am and we then had a taxi organised for 7am to take us to the airport. We had organised for the staff and customs to be there at 8, but they only pitched at 9.30am so we only managed to depart at 10am for the flight home. Fortunately we managed to arrange a direct flight back to King Shaka so the flying time was 4 hours and we got back home in much quicker time than the journey there as customs and immigration at Maputo can take anything up to a few hours.

Lisa tries to sneak passed with her emergency loo paper for the car trip home

Mark's car Sylvia is ready to roll

ADM, my initials and the initials of the Aeroporto 'd Mozambique

We have our luggage trolleys and are ready to do save for clearing customs and immigration

The immigration and customs desk looked pretty simple, but when the official arrived the nearby metal desk turned into an immigration system that was pretty impressive including passport scanner and digital fingerprint scanner - so we were officially scanned out of Mozambique. The fees were not cheap however, paying R1000 for landing fees and open parking and R240 immigration fees.

Palm trees and seaside lakes on the way home

The flight home over 4-hours was great except for a little turbulance at one stage as the tailwind kicked in

More seaside lakes

Sanddunes galore

Nearing Maputo airspace, our route shows us heading down the coast then kicking left over the bay of Maputo to continue down the peninsular along the coast towards the border with South Africa

More dunes and lakes

We routed seawards of Maputo (seen here) then headed left across the Bay of Maputo to the peninsular to follow the coastline down to the South African border near Ponta 'd Ora

Heading out over the Bay of Maputo the the peninsular left top

The popular beach resort of Ponta 'd Ora, close to the South African border

Parking at King Shaka International on our arrival

We're at International Arrivals for passport control and customs

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  1. Fascinating. Loved the descriptions and the pics.