Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Birthday 24th August

The best way to spend a birthday is with family in faraway places. What a great birthday I had being spoiled by my loved ones who even baked an island style cake for me with rudimentary facilities, icing and all!! Thanks guys, what a huge surprise.

We had eaten the 5, leaving the 8

Delicious pancakes and birthday cake to start the day
Mark making pancakes for breakfast

Champagne too!!
Birthday gifts, balloons, cake, pancakes and family - what can one wish for more?

Cute paintings on the house wall opposite our cottage

Time for a birthday swim

Mark managed to surf too

Soaking up some birthday winter sun!! Is it ever winter in Mozam?

Interesting sand patterns on the beach

We spent our days up and down the beach

The view back to Tofo beach. Our cottage was next to the blue roof house

The crew in shadows

My son's and my matching tattoos for his 21st birthday with our initials MC

In the sunset sky we could see Venus and Jupiter which we coming closer together each night

Loja's restaurant for birthday dinner

The best beer was the darker one - Preta
Enjoying some local brew over birthday supper

The girls hamming it
Chicken rice and veg for supper

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